Neighbors Network Survey


Help Neighbors Network identify how health, community involvement, social relationships, and opinions about neighborhoods contribute to interests in civic engagement or aging in place among older adults by filling out a survey.  

Your responses to the survey are very important to the success of the project as they will help us advance the development of the teaching and community engagement missions of University of Central Florida. The survey project is providing research opportunities for an undergraduate Honors in the Major thesis and student research assistantships. In addition, results from the survey will help a new community organization for adults 55+, the Neighbors Network, plan its initial activities.

The survey consists of 40 questions and should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete. Please click here to take the survey now.

Your participation in this study is voluntary and your survey responses anonymous. There is no benefit, or compensation provided if you choose to participate. You have the option to not answer individual questions or terminate your participation at any time during the survey without penalty. Should you have questions about the survey feel free to contact Denise Gammonley or 407 821 2215.

 By taking this survey, we will be able to provide information to strengthen resources for older adults in our community and prepare the next generation of workers to support our aging population.