About Us

Our Whole Community (OWC), Inc., founded in 2007, is a Christian organization that brings communities together to establish relationships and share resources resulting in innovative programs that inspire, motivate and educate individuals in their pursuit of optimal health. Since inception, membership has flourished as OWC continues to welcome more faith-based organizations throughout Central Florida to join the OWC mission.

Our current member churches are:

The purpose of Our Whole Community, Incorporated is to:

  1. Be the Central Florida resource for programs that increase awareness and education that move people toward whole-person health.
  2. Build strong relationships between and within communities of faith, healthcare and the community at large to promote and improve mental, physical and spiritual health throughout Central Florida.
  3. Foster and promote health lifestyle practices to include gardening, nutrition, exercise and spiritual growth.

If you are interested in becoming a faith-based partner of Our Whole Community, Inc., you must have an established, active Health Ministry program or be committed to forming a Health Ministry Program.

Please contact ourwholecommunity1@gmail.com for more information on becoming a faith-based OWC partner.

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As we desire to be holy, let us desire to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.